Gambling Studies Show Net Loss to States

Here is a link to a growing list of studies showing the net loss to taxpayers and states that depend on gambling for state revenues:

Be sure and download each of the PDF files for the complete studies. You can make the case to your representative that state-supported gambling does not pay.

Sign the Declaration

Congressional Internet Gambling Hearings

Check out these Youtubes of recent hearings on internet gambling as experts share their testimonies.

Cities beware: Take note of Atlantic City

Atlantic City Casinos Close One-by-one Click and read the whole story.

MO Casinos Lose “Line of Credit” Battle…for now.

Thank the MO Senate Commerce Committee for killing HB747!  …at least for the time being. We must be vigilant.


Stop MO HB747 Gambler’s Line of Credit

MO is now considering a bill that would allow casinos to establish a gambler’s “line of credit.” Gambling on credit is just another expansion of gambling–a back-door attempt to expand casino profits, not serve their patrons.

Banning casino credit was in the original state law. First, there was 2-hour cruises that later became land-based casinos with a $500 loss limit. Then, a couple of years ago, the $500 loss limit was removed. Then they lifted the ban restriction for compulsive gamblers. NOW, they want to offer gamblers a line of credit. It just doesn’t stop. Enough is never enough.

So, a gambler comes ‘ill-prepared” and uses a line of credit so he can CONTINUE his losing streak??  I don’t think so.

Call your MO Senator and Rep. and tell them to STOP HB747.

Watch for “Lame Duck Session” Surprises

“Lame Duck” Sessions of Congress can bring surprises! We must not be unaware but, as the Scripture says, “Be sober, be vigilant…” Internet gambling is a likely issue to come in under the radar when the looming “fiscal cliff,” other budget issues, and international matters are bombarding the headlines and attracting the attention of most Americans and their legislators.

Slot Machine Addiction By Design

This 2011 “60 Minutes” report by Leslie Stahl highlights the very addictive nature of slot machines:

Ask your local casino owner why THEY don’t gamble…

St. Louis Won, Cape Girardeau Lost

The St. Louis Post has reported that the MO Gaming Commission has made their decision…the new casino license goes to Cape Girardeau, contingent on its construction.  While anti-gambling St. Louisans breathe a sigh of relief, Cape residents’ trouble is just beginning.