Slots and Sports Betting Across Missouri?

Worst idea in a long time… gambling expansion in MO – sports betting and video slots in gas/convenience stores, bars, restaurants, vet organizations. Call your Senator to oppose SB 767!

Teen Gamblers and Low Academic Performance

Recovering Gamblers Struggle

Michael Medved on Vegas Shooter

Las Vegas Gunman’s Gambling Debts

Stephen Paddock had a long trail of gambling debts prior to his Las Vegas killing rampage….leaving more questions than answers:

Keep Watch on Gambling Expansion in MO

How Casinos Enable Gambling Addicts

Modern slot machines develop an unbreakable hold on many players—some of whom wind up losing their jobs, their families, and even, as in the case of Scott Stevens, their lives.

Did Scott Stevens die because he was unable to rein in his own addictive need to gamble? Or was he the victim of a system carefully calibrated to prey on his weakness?

Video Slots Back in MO Legislature

Gambling expansion in Missouri through the establishment of video slot machines is in committee in both houses of the Missouri legislature:  SB 452 (Sen. Dennis Hoskins, Warrensburg) and HB 990 (Rep. Bart Korman, Warrenton). Eligible vendors would include bars, restaurants, and fraternal organizations. Proceeds would “benefit” education. It’s all about the money and new revenue streams and not really about “the kids” and preserving and protecting individual and family integrity. Tell your MO legislator and their leaders to do their jobs and protect Missourians by saying “NO” to frivolous bills like these.

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Online Gambling Coming to Your State??

Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) games are being promoted around the country, and many accessible through your child’s gaming console. These popular games are nothing short of online gambling. Check out Virginia and what may be going in your own legislature as we speak:

Why Casinos Matter

Here is a report on the impact of casinos on our society. Full of significant statistics, this report presents 31 impact statements from health and social sciences.

Some startling statistics (with proof following) from the report:

#5   Modern slot machines are carefully designed to ensure that the longer you play, the more you lose. (pg 16)
#6   Modern slot machines are highly addictive. (pg 16)
#7   Modern slot machines are engineered to make players lose track of time and money. (pg 17)
#8   Casinos depend on problem gamblers for their revenue base.  (pg 18)
#11  Problem gambling affects families and communities as well as individuals. (pg 20)
#12  Young people are viewed as the future of casino gambling. (pg 21)
#16  Casinos extract wealth from communities. (pg 24)
#17  Casinos typically weaken nearby businesses. (pg 24)
#20 State regulation of casinos creates a conflict of interest, in which the state is charged with protecting the public from the very business practices that generate revenue for the state and which the state is co-sponsoring. (pg 26)
#23  Some states are propping up failing casinos. (pg 28)
#25  Regional casinos are a regressive source of revenue for the states. (pg 29)
#26  Research on gambling in America is largely funded by the gambling industry. (pg 31)
#28  State sponsorship of casinos is a policy contributing to patterns of inequality in America. (pg 33)

CONCLUSION:  State sponsorship of casino gambling is regressive and damaging policy. (pg 36)

Get the facts and help protect our families and communities.