Gov. Signs Bingo Gambling Expansion

Gov. Jay Nixon signed SB940 (see related post MO Expands Bingo Gambling-5/16/10) saying it should help boost revenues for non-profits “serving” their communities. The expansion takes effect August 28. Besides expanded fees and some increased record keeping, organizations can soon expand how often and how long games take place as well as increase advertising costs and content. (Not the kind of community “service” Missourians need!)

Over the past 15 years, the number of “legal” bingo games are half what they were since MO opened its doors to casino gambling. (Talk about a gambling gateway!)  Now, bingo sponsored by charitable, religious, fraternal, veteran and service organizations get their increased piece of the action as well as the state through increased fees. This is not the kind of economic development MO needs and certainly not through these complicit and compromising means. Again in this case, the welfare of the people is not the supreme law. Shame on the governor and shame on the MO legislature.

Fifteen Interested in 13th MO Casino License

The Missouri Gaming Commission has received 15 letters of interest for the state’s 13th casino license.  There are 5 from the St. Louis area, 4 from Cape Girardeau, 4 from unspecified locations, and 1 each from Sugar Creek and Louisiana. (See press release link:)

One of those “unspecified locations” is actually a traveling casino car on Amtrak’s St. Louis-Kansas City train route:

Gambling expansion opponents, be advised, be aware!

City of St. Louis draws interest for casino –

Casino opponents beware! With the availability of the 13th casino license, the powers that be in St. Louis will pull no punches to keep the revenues, corrupt as they may be, in the region.  Read the Post article:

City of St. Louis draws interest for casino –

Be sober, be vigilant…(1 Peter 5:8)

Casino coming to YOUR neighborhood?

“Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion,
walks about, seeking whom he may devour:
” (1 Peter 5:8)

The big casino industry lion is prowling Missouri’s Mississippi and Missouri River banks once again.  Why? Las Vegas-based Pinnacle Entertainment has announced the closing of the St. Louis President Casino and the relinquishing of Missouri’s thirteenth license. You know what that means–a new Missouri slot for slots, an open spot at the table for table games–yes, one new shiny license available.  Be on the alert…a new casino may be coming to YOUR neighborhood.

River City Boulevard…Road to Nowhere

March 4 marks another dark day for the St. Louis metro area. Newly named River City Boulevard leads hundreds down the road to ruin to the new River City Casino, opening its doors in the afternoon. It is another road to nowhere. Predatory casino manipulation will suck millions more out the local economy as the bright lights continue to blind casino proponents and woo the weak who think the odds are that their “luck” will change. The libs continue to think that victimless crimes are no crimes at all while the casinos offer 800 numbers for “problem gamblers” without breaking stride all the way to the bank. And perhaps the worst part is that the government is complicit in it all…in the name of economic development, of all things!  Looking at the big picture, the social and economic impact are devastating, costing the area millions of dollars more than what it will take in.  It is money, time and energy thrown away.  Broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many will travel it.  (see Matthew 7:13)

Unresponsive Government

This morning, “Save the Confluence” coalition casino opponents will not be allowed time on the agenda of the Missouri Gaming Commission meeting at St. Louis County Council chambers at 9:00 AM. The coalition is made up of a broad range of organizations and individuals representing moral, religious, environmental, and economic concerns regarding the building of a new casino in the Columbia Bottoms area in North St. Louis County, just south of the confluence of the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers. The St. Louis County Council has not listened to the people and has proceeded with the preliminaries for the new casino development, and now the MO Gaming Commission closes its ears to the concerns of the people. Government is not only unresponsive to public concerns, but is totally bent on a course counter to their wishes. This is very apparent from local to state to national levels. Enough is enough. They may be silenced in public meetings, but voters can speak in coming primaries and elections! It is time for citizens to reclaim all levels of government and for deaf, uninformed public servants to be retired from public life. To use Lincoln’s words, government of the people, by the people, and for the people needs a new birth of freedom in America.  This is my prayer for America in 2010.

MO Gaming Commission to meet in St. Louis

February 24, 2010, 9:00 AM
St. Louis County Council Chambers
41 South Central in Clayton

We need a large contingent of attendees to press the point that St. Louis does NOT need nor want another casino, especially in Columbia Bottoms in North County.  Even though we may not be able to make public comments, our presence can make a huge statement of our desire to say no to another casino.  Please come and show your support. Should they allow speakers on the agenda, and you would like to do so, please coordinate your comments with our coalition by contacting  If you wish, you may also email your comments directly to the Public Information Coordinator at the Gaming Commission to Please do so ASAP.

The City’s Road to Ruin

Today is a dark day. While memorial services are being held at Fort Hood, St. Louis is “celebrating” the opening of River City Casino Boulevard, a $23.8 million roadway paid for by Pinnacle Entertainment which will lead to the new $380 million casino development slated to open next spring.  ( Casino owner, Pinnacle, has paved the way for more family and economic devastation as local officials gloat over the economic impact of the road project. There is an interesting irony with this opening when, on its eve, Pinnacle CEO Daniel Lee resigned after publicly threatening a St. Louis County councilman. (A Missouri Gaming Commission investigation is underway as to the nature of those threats. I suppose Pinnacle is jealous over its St. Louis riverfront monopoly.  St. Louis is on the road to becoming another Atlantic City and perhaps even surpassing its per capita casino count. “Casino wars” may also become part of the ongoing saga as River City Casino and the potential Riverview casino battle for St. Louis headlines. Look how we are investing our dollars, time, and energy! The casino industry is dominating the business and news headlines as they battle for dominating the St. Louis market–and using billions in gambling losses to pay for it all.  Is it really worth the cost–economically and socially? Is St. Louis on the road to ruin?  Indeed it is a dark day.

Underage gamblers get in casinos because Missourians passed casino-supported Prop A last November

Casinos face fines over rash of underage gamblers –

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MO Legislators may resurrect Bingo Bill

After Governor Nixon’s veto last July, there is a possibility that the State House may consider an override for HB 620/671 during the veto session beginning today.  Do not be lulled into thinking that this bill is simply about relaxing requirements for organizations that use bingo as a fund raising tool.  This bill is all about gambling expansion and could possibly open the door for proliferation of bingo-themed slot machines across the state. Your state representative and senator need to hear from you: Let the governor’s veto of HB 620/671 stand. Here is a link to the bill and the governor’s veto letter: