Stop MO HB747 Gambler’s Line of Credit

MO is now considering a bill that would allow casinos to establish a gambler’s “line of credit.” Gambling on credit is just another expansion of gambling–a back-door attempt to expand casino profits, not serve their patrons.

Banning casino credit was in the original state law. First, there was 2-hour cruises that later became land-based casinos with a $500 loss limit. Then, a couple of years ago, the $500 loss limit was removed. Then they lifted the ban restriction for compulsive gamblers. NOW, they want to offer gamblers a line of credit. It just doesn’t stop. Enough is never enough.

So, a gambler comes ‘ill-prepared” and uses a line of credit so he can CONTINUE his losing streak??  I don’t think so.

Call your MO Senator and Rep. and tell them to STOP HB747.

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