Cape Commendations

We commend Pastor Mark Anderson of the Lynwood Baptist Church, Cape Girardeau, and all those good citizens of Cape who are speaking out for the best interests of families and community by speaking out against the proposed casino in their city. Here is the link to:Pastor Anderson’s op-ed in the Southeast Missourian which categorically spells out the negative impact of gambling. The moral argument against casinos is much stronger than the economic argument for it. There is no moral reason to favor a casino. You may come up with economic and business reasons, but without an ethical, moral base, that morally neutral rationale (there is no such thing) will subtract from the bottom line of a community, not add to it. A community is more than just dollars that are represented in it…without a heart and soul, a community is already dead and “the love of money is the root” cause of it. Casino income is not made on well-off recreational gamblers, but on the backs of those who can least afford it. Check the statistics. For a casino to be successful, it must make losers out of its clientele. Then who loses?…we all do. Casinos coarsen a community. We encourage the citizens of Cape Girardeau to stand up against the proposed casino in their fair city and repudiate the casino industry and business interest dollars that fully funded the campaign.

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