National Gambling Task Force Focuses On College Students

Alcohol and drug abuse is one of the main concerns for parents when they send their children off to college. A national task force, however, is warning these parents and the rest of the country that gambling should be treated in the same preventative manner as alcohol and drugs.
Gambling options have increased drastically over the past couple of years for college student. The game of poker has become somewhat of a college phenomenon, and casinos are popping up in almost every state in the US.

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Gambling By the Numbers

Number of casinos:

  • 1998 – 450 commercial casinos, 160 American Indian casinos
  • 2008 –  445 commercial casinos, 423 American Indian casinos

Legal gambling revenue:

  • 1998 – $27 billion
  • 2008 – $95 billion

Revenue from illegal gambling is estimated to be higher.

Estimated social cost of gambling (thefts, job loss, bankruptcy, court costs) in 2008 – $6.7 billion

Of adults who gamble:

  • 2-3 percent are problem or pathological gamblers
  • 15 percent gamble at least once a week
  • 30 percent have gambled at least once in the past month
  • 65 percent have gambled at least once in the past year
  • 85 percent have gambled at least once in their lives

States with a problem-gambling fund:

  • 2001 – 13
  • 2008 – 34

Amount of money per capita set aside for problem gambling funds:

  • From less than 1 cent to $1.65

Sources: American Gaming Association, National Council on Problem Gambling

Missouri, Don’t Let this Happen to You

Our Addiction To Gambling

by Lee Prokaska The Hamilton Spectator (Sep 18, 2009)

The figures on gambling in Ontario are astounding and disturbing:

* Revenue from all forms of legalized gambling in the province was about $6.1 billion in the 2007 fiscal year.
* Each day, on average, nearly $10 million is gambled in Ontario casino and slot machine facilities, with another $7.3 million being spent each day on lotteries and bingo.
* Gambling accounted for almost 2 per cent of Ontario’s government revenue last year.

Our province is addicted to gambling revenue… (click link to read entire story)

Underage gamblers get in casinos because Missourians passed casino-supported Prop A last November

Casinos face fines over rash of underage gamblers –

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