Riverview CasiNO

Riverview Casino Wrong for St. Louis

Wrong for our economy

Statistics show that they take more than they give. The promised new jobs and tax revenue will suck the life out of the community. Pawn shops and payday loans will replace the economic landscape. Casinos cost MUCH more than they pay. With six casinos in the St. Louis area and one on the way, enough is enough.

Wrong for our environment

Listen to the experts. This location will negatively impact waterways and fowl. Also, if casinos win the smoking ban exemption, they will become the least healthy places in town.

Wrong for families

What good does gambling teach our kids?

Wrong for education

Let’s tell the school kids that grandma lost her shirt so the teachers could get a raise. Let’s teach them how to throw away their hard earned paychecks. (Remember: The house always wins–that’s why they are in business.)

Wrong for moral values

It’s moral to give to your neighbor, not to take from him. “Gaming” is a misnomer–there’s a huge difference in playing the odds for fun and playing for keeps. Greed is no virtue. Now that the limits are gone, the moral climate has coarsened. (Just ask the employees and diners.)

The only thing right about casinos is the list of what’s wrong! Let’s don’t add to the problems. For the good of the community, the county must say no to another casino.